Thursday, May 24, 2007

Blog Against Theocracy - National Day of Secularism - May 26.

Eeek! I’ve been tagged by Beep over at Beep! Beep! It’s Me. It’s the National Day of Secularism on 26th May, so this one has a deadline, of sorts…:)

To the rules…

Tagging stage:
If you are tagged by the meme, then it’s the same old format; mention this entry so people can see the rules and then tag five other bloggers (preferably Australian given the nature of the NDoT.) You can link back to these rules and display the banner.

Blog against theocracy stage:
If you have been tagged then in addition to tagging others, it is also hoped that you will write a blog entry about the separation of Church and State in Australia. It could be a critique of Pell’s “normative democracy”, the historic anti-democracy sermonizing of Archbishop Daniel Mannix, inevitable discrimination by the funding of (approved) chaplains in public schools, the state backed imposition of bans on forbidden women’s dress or whatever Church-State issue you find important.

Preferably, such a blog entry would be published on the 26th, but there is no deadline as such. Just a couple of caveats:

1) the church-state anti-theocracy blog entry should mention the phrase “National Day of Thanksgiving”, possibly mentioning that the entry is a response to the NDoT, and
2) feel free to add the (again admittedly modest) banner.

Now I have to tag someone. I hate this bit because there's always someone I want to tag that's already been tagged. Damn! Oh well, here's a couple for starters...

1. Day By Day
2. Chicken Scratchings


beepbeepitsme said...

I found it hard too to think of Australian bloggers who would like to do a piece on secualarism.

There are lots of US bloggers who would - I just don't know all that many aussie ones.

Plonka said...

Me either Beep. The other problem is that we haven't really got much of a history of issues with it. Sure, the odd pulpit basher, but there's not many who have gained a seat in the big house.

Talking of pulpits, did you see the Dawkins sermon - er, speech I posted. It really is quite good...:)

beepbeepitsme said...

Well, there is Pell and then there is the fact that Costello and Howard are kissing the collective voting arse of Hillsong.

Plonka said...

I guess. Then there's Fred Nile, my personal fav...:)

Peter McC said...

Hey Plonka,

PMc here. I have made an entry on my blog for what it's worth. Seeing as you tagged me and you did Snowy at the same time, I had no one else left to tag. ;-(

I was pissed to see Kevvy sent a suck up to Hillsong too. I must drop him an em to remind him he is treading on dangerous ground.


Plonka said...

Hey Pete...:)

What about Ninja? I was gonna tag him too but I thought I'd better leave you guys someone to fight over...:)

I know what you mean about Kev. I've had a feeling from the start that Kev and Julia's roles should be reversed. I think she has a much more level head, especially where these things are concerned.

Anonymous said...

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