Friday, November 30, 2007

Here's trouble...

Well, my last post seems to have gotten me into a bit of trouble. That's fair I suppose, it was a crap article and badly worded, so I think I should quantify...

Bigotry. There you go. That's it, there's really nothing more. The problem with that story is that the bigotry sits on both sides of the fence and that's where my article fell down and completely buried itself. Notice how I absolved myself of any responsibility there? It's a bit like the car accident you hear about on the news where "the car tragically left the road and killed the driver", as if it's the car's fault, but no-one ever says anything about the dick-head behind the wheel that was so drunk he had to get help to open the car door in the first place. Sheez...

Anyway, the problem, I think, was in this passage here: The man obviously takes a very short-sighted view and seems to be looking on the wrong side of the fence for the bigots.

"Wrong side of the fence" was a very bad choice of words. "Both sides of the fence" would have been a better choice, although I doubt it would get me out of trouble here.

But as you can see from the example above, I take a fairly harsh view but realistic is how I like to think of it. But to continue the above example, let's say that the pissed idiot left some family behind. Of course, I can't help but think about how very sad it is that they've had to suffer that loss, but my next thoughts are that it's a good thing none of them were in the car with him, that he didn't take out any innocents at the same time and yes, that the roads are now just a little bit safer for the rest of us. That last bit is extremely harsh, but I also like to think that most people think this way. He didn't get me or anyone else, sorry for the family but hey, at least he won't kill anyone else. Very harsh indeed, but that's me.

And so it is with religious bigotry, except that it's much worse. When you bring religion into any argument the stakes are immediately raised because religion has the unfortunate effect of stifling rationality and common sense, we know this and we also know it to be unavoidable. It stifles these things so much in fact, that some are quite prepared to use their own children as weapons in the fight to bring their particular religion more prominence, and whether that fight is violent or subversive, whether it be in a country, a city or a suburb, makes little difference.

The subject of my previous post concerned the building of an Islamic school in a predominantly white, christian area. This time I'll make the race distinction because it makes little enough difference, I think. The local residents however, have complained and protested that they don't want it there. Mostly, as far as I can tell, the objections have been "because it's Islamic" which in Australia, is not what we call a "valid" reason. We are not allowed to discriminate on the grounds of race or religion so the law says that the Islamic council can build their school in what passes for Christian heartland in Sydney, if that's what they want to do. As a consequence, a protest has gotten nasty and a criminal act has been perpetrated at the site of the proposed school. And please bear in mind that at this stage, it's still only proposed.

Now, I don't have a problem with the law putting in it's 2c worth, but I do have a problem with the narrow mindedness and complete lack of common sense that everyone seems to be exhibiting concerning this issue. If the locals are turning this nasty and distasteful before it's even built, what are they going to do to the kids walking, riding their bikes, being driven, catching the bus, to and from that school.

Think about it is all I can ask. In a democracy, the majority doesn't have to be right, it just has to be the majority and this this case, I think the majority makes a valid point, just not for the reasons it thinks it does. This majority is obviously so blinkered and bigoted that it makes sense - good common sense - to think seriously about whether or not a school should be built where the kids might suffer insult, and to also consider why any Islamic community would continue to want to build a school there where it's their own kids that might suffer the insult. Would you willingly do that to your kids? I wouldn't.

I also think the pigs heads make it pretty obvious what sort of bigoted idiots we're dealing with here too. I'm of the opinion that they are just the kind that will hurl hurtful insults at an innocent child. Not only that, but they'd do it for no reason other than race or religion and they wouldn't bat an eye at the damage they caused.

My quoting of the Koran was to lend a Christian perspective to the bigotry displayed in the protest. It doesn't really matter whether it's Mohammed or Jesus though, this sort of bigotry should, by now, almost be expected. They share the driving duties on the bus of religious rationalism and as it was for the driver in my earlier analogy, their bus appears to be giving them serious difficulty...


John Evo said...

Jewish, Muslim, Christian...

All with the same god of Abraham. The stupidity of religious hatred.

I don't side with you on your wish that we could just outlaw religion and be done with it. But I sure wish we could educate people enough that it would work itself into irrelevance.

Plonka said...

It was the god of Abraham that built that particular bus.

I'm not so sure I wish for it to be outlawed either, but when this sort of behaviour happens, the underlying reasons should at least be taken into consideration.

Being done with it on the other hand, does have it's attractions...:)

Dikkii said...

Well, my last post seems to have gotten me into a bit of trouble. That's fair I suppose, it was a crap article and badly worded, so I think I should quantify...

Not sure I agree with this.

Trouble? Maybe. Fair? Not sure I agree, but I'll clarify this in a few moments. Crap? Rubbish. You just needed a part 2 to tie the ends together. Quantify? I would have used "qualify" myself.

That out of the way, I think that your part 2 did what was required on that front.

I see many advantages to "being done with it" once and for all, but I'll never get my way. Having said that, if religious ethics stops some psychopaths going postal, I say (quoting Rockstar Ryan) "Hold on to that belief!"

Plonka said...

As always, thanks for the vote of confidence Dikkii and yes, I should have used "qualify"...:)

John Evo said...

Guess you saw this today:

Sudan protesters seek U.K. teacher's execution
Convicted of insulting Islam, she's been moved from prison for her safety
Protesters want teacher executed
Nov. 30: Thousands of Sudanese, armed with guns and knives, stream onto the streets of their capital calling for the execution of a British teacher.

updated 6 minutes ago
KHARTOUM, Sudan - Thousands of Sudanese, many armed with clubs and knives, protested Friday outside the presidential palace in Khartoum, demanding the execution of a British teacher convicted of insulting Islam for allowing her students to name a teddy bear Muhammad

Ute said...


I saw that on TV this morning... at the gym. They talked about it on "The View"... and the only thing those lovely ladies had to say about that was "Well, if she lives there don't you think she should know those things?" They almost seemed to imply that this teacher deserves her punishment.

Then they went on to talk about sex with the husband of so many years and what not. I wanted to puke. :(

Ute said...

oh, plonka... I like your writing. :)

Plonka said...


Yes... I didn't blog it yesterday because I was to busy digging a hole for myself...:) But did you see the interview with young Mohammed and his parents? At least there was one reasonable voice...

Ute: Thanks for stopping by and double thanks for the compliment...:)

I wanted to puke.

I work at a paytv company and see the "The View" every now and then. I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels that way...:)

tom sheepandgoats said...

Ah. So I see from your comments that you have indeed seen the teacher in Sudan story.

Yes, perhaps you in your blogging might indeed get into trouble should you take on some of the Islamists. Even I am too much of a coward to do that, confining my remarks for the most part to paper tigers.

tom sheepandgoats said...

Silly me. Your previous posts are all about that story.

Plonka said...

Tom: Yes, it's very sad but what got me into trouble was not the subject matter but the way I'd presented it.

"Trouble" in this instance, is relative. I don't consider islamists to be any better or worse than christians. Remember, it was only a few hundred years ago that your faith was burning heretics at the stake. It's exactly the same thing.

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