Monday, November 12, 2007

New Affiliations

Join the best atheist themed blogroll!
There are two new affiliations you may notice on this page. Firstly, I've been accepted by Mojoey and have been added to the Atheist Blogroll. If you have an atheist/agnostic oriented blog and should want to get your name on there, click the image or the link and away you go...:)

image You may also notice a big red "A". That's for The Out Campaign. Basically it's a call for atheists to "come out of the closet", as it were. It's a Dawkins initiative and he maintains a blogroll. Once again, if you're blog is of that ilk, please join by clicking the link or image. Have a poke around while you're at it, it's all good...:)


Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

Good onya Plonka

Plonka said...

Thanks Sean...:)

Dikkii said...

Well done Plonka.

I'd join the "A" campaign as well except for 2 things:

1. I'm agnostic, and Dawkins appears to be antipathetic to that.

2. I ain't coming out of no goddamned closet. Couldn't they have used a different metaphor?

Plonka said...

I'm agnostic, and Dawkins appears to be antipathetic to that.

I didn't read it that way. It seemed to me that he put himself firmly in the TAP (temporary) category of agnosticism, open minded enough that should he be smited he'd soon change his tune, yet fiercely doubtful of God's existence.

So did you send an email to Mojoey?

Dikkii said...


Well I haven't. No. Allow me to rectify that, immediately.

tom sheepandgoats said...


Regarding my recent inclusion in your blogroll.....

I appear to be the only non-atheist blog listed. Therefore, I really do take it as a compliment if I have been deemed worthy to represent the "other side." Assuming that you are not just putting me on, or that I am not thought of as such a buffoon that your guys can all have laughs at my expense. But it doesn't seem that way. Thanks.

Not all writing I do is about spiritual things & not all that is about them will interest an athiest audience. Still, I'll do my best to oblige from time to time. As it is, I have an "atheists" category of prior posts.

You, too, Plonka, are a worthy opponent, even though I'm not really much of a scrapper.

Plonka said...


I appear to be the only non-atheist blog listed.

Well, I'd blogroll Under_The_Mercy as well except that he doesn't maintain his own blog and Sadie Lou of Sadico Junction got to busy to keep up with hers, so at the moment, you're it.

What I'd like to do is make a blogroll of non-atheists that are willing to talk and have a difference of opinion (such as yourself), and give it equal billing on the left hand side opposite the "atheist blogroll" on the right.

So, if you know anyone else that might be prepared to take me (and anyone else that comes to comment) to task as politely as you have done, then by all means tell them to drop over here and leave me a link. As soon as I have three (or more), I'll separate you from the "Blogs I lurk at list" and make a "Believers" or "Non-Atheist" roll or something like that.

This is not about scoring points or finding "bufoons", it's about having a conversation and some informed debate and keeping the conversation going. The fact that we can do this while sitting on opposite sides of the world only makes it all the more exciting...:)

Dikkii said...

Hey Plonka (and Tom), I agree with your sentiments about theists who enjoy civil discourse with us godless types.

I for one miss Sadie Lou - she liked a stoush in blog comments and was generally well liked at the atheist blogs she posted at. Plus she was polite and refused to do the fire and brimstone thing that is the theist stereotype where atheists and agnostics are concerned.

A scrolling blogroll would be good. What would be a good name for it, do you think?

Plonka said...


What would be a good name for it, do you think?

I've been having trouble with this. I had thought "Christians willing to talk" or something similar, but after that last conversation with Tom concerning alternative lifestyles, "Christians" is probably way to narrow and "Non-atheist" is probably way to encompassing, so now I don't know...

But, I'm off to do 60km or so on my push bike, and that's the best think time there is, so I'll report back later...:)

tom sheepandgoats said...

Being informed that I am the "replacement" of Sadie Lou, I wasted no time going to her site for some pointers. But alas, I cannot get through to her for chit chat; only if I want to log in to her business site and buy some crafts. (which I did not do, though they look appealing)

That's the way it is with us believers. Ready to sell out in a minute for the sake of turning a buck.


Her stuff really does look good, though. Why don't you buy some things?

Yeah, we do that too....promote each other's interests. Now all I have to do is get busy with the paper mache and scissors so I too will have something for the marketplace.

tom sheepandgoats said...

I can also think of no end of religious bloggers who would willing debate with you. Unfortunately, most of them are obnoxious, and I scrap with them more than with you. (Actually, I scrap only if I consider them reasonable, which I often do not. But then, I guess they think the same about me.)

The "theist" camp, as you put it, is not monolithic. Notions such as (we've touched on this before) hell are so embarrassing both reasonably and even scripturally, that I don't like to be associated with them. So I'm not, nor is the faith which I represent.

Plonka said...


Unfortunately, most of them are obnoxious...

Hehe... There you go, we just found something to agree on...:)

As for Sadie, I wouldn't really call you a "replacement". You'd have been just as welcome if she was still commenting.

But, the reason I took her off the list is because she commercialised her blog and pointed it at her business. I won't link to a business unless it pays some advertising. I have a very nice T-Shirt from Savannah Door that says "Kirkbuzzer", for instance.

PsychoAtheist said...

I signed up for Dawkins 'Out' campaign a little while ago. I have seen the atheist blogroll but I stopped short of joining. Is it worth it do you think?

Plonka said...

Well, like Dikkii says, you get a link to your blog on about 500 other blogs, so it's not all bad..

Anonymous said...

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