Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Solstice is upon us...

Actually, it was on the 21st, but let's not quibble over a few days. But it's also a full moon, so please excuse my cynicism...

National headlines for Melbourne, Australia, Christmas day, 2007...

Christmas road toll climbs to 13
Prime Minister Kevin Rudd recalls his own father's road death in a plea for Australians to drive safely as the nation's Christmas holiday road toll climbs to 13.
Woman dies instantly in smash
No charges likely over death of child in car, police
The parents of a two-year-old Perth girl who died after being left in a car in 34-degree heat are not likely to be charged, police have indicated.
Haneef worried for safety in Australia
Former terrorism suspect Mohamed Haneef says he needs reassurance from Australian authorities that he and his family would be safe in Australia before he can consider returning to the country.
Christmas spending to hit 10-year high
Christmas spending set to break 10-year record, with Australian shoppers splashing out $36.5 billion.
All they want for Christmas are safety, rain and cuddles
Christian leaders urge people to tackle poverty
Brumby won't rule out spending more on tickets
Victorian Premier John Brumby has not ruled out giving transport ticketing company Kamco more money to deliver Melbourne's new ticketing system dubbed myki.
Stolen guns used to commit more crime: report
Latest figures show about 1500 guns per year are stolen in Australia, and authorities fear many of them will be used to commit more crimes.
Aliens might be watching us on Earth
As astronomers scan the universe for signs of intelligent life, a group of researchers predicts other beings just might be looking at us.
Solomons set to deport Moti
Australian lawyer Julian Moti sacked as Solomon Islands attorney-general and could be deported to face child sex charges in Australia.
Meningitis-death boy farewelled
Family of boy, 8, sent home from two hospitals expresses anger at his funeral.
Qantas 'offers $100k to strike-breakers'
Qantas is offering its former engineers, some made redundant as little as a year ago, jobs as strike breakers with a $100,000 salary for just six months work, a union says.
Wanted man's mum makes Christmas time plea
The mother of a man on NSW's most wanted list makes an emotional plea for her "Johnnie" to make contact, as police warn the 60-year-old murder suspect could be in any state.
Only one in 10 reported sexual assults is punished
Just three per cent of people who believe they are victims of sexual assault find justice in the legal system, shocking new government figures reveal.
The year that was in Victorian politics
Victorians who have forgotten most of the state's political events in 2007 can be forgiven.
16,000 child-porn pics charge
Melbourne man nabbed at airport after allegedly importing images on laptop.
Sharp shock for stroppy slasher
Police use Taser on man who turned violent after refusing to stop urinating on shop window.

Hmmm... We should probably see if we can do better next year...

Happy Soltice everyone....


Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

All praise to Sol Invictus. Have a happy new year.

Plonka said...

Same to you Sean. Be safe too...:)

valaraj said...

HEY! I'm a Forsythe and upon searching the family history and crest I found your page! So informative. Thanks so much. Our people are sprinkled throughout the Caribbean (I'm in St. Maarten right now visiting my Forsythe father). I found it interesting that you have the out campaign's A and you are a reader of Pharyngula -- even better. I hope your holidays have treated you well and on into a Happy New Year. :D

Plonka said...

Valaraj: Thanks for stopping by...:)

It's always good to meet another Forsyth(e), especially one that takes an interest in the clan. "Our people" seem to be scattered all over the globe these days...:)

I hope you're enjoying your visit to the Caribbean and that your holidays are treating you well too. And a Happy New Year to you (and your father and any other Forsythe's there) as well...:)

Dikkii said...

Merry new year, Plonka. Hope that this year is as good to you as 1993 was to me.

Plonka said...


LOL!! For me it was 1982. But whatever year it was, let's hope this one can be as good for all of us...:)

Although this time, I think I'll pass on most of the mind altering substances...

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