Thursday, February 7, 2008

Four things

There's another meme floating around. Tom at Dubito Ergo Sum thought this might be fun and because I think he might be right, I'm going to have a poke at it myself

To the rulze:

1. List at least four things you'd do as God

2. Assume you are omnipotent and that anything you do will work out fine with the laws of physics just as they are

Ok then, let's have some fun.

1. Smite the Pope making it obvious it was me, but giving no reason for it other than "He had it coming!"

2. Create an extremely powerful, extremely efficient, extremely abundant, extremely cheap and extremely easy to harness energy source.

3. Make said energy source available to anyone and everyone, all at the same time so that no-one can claim a copyright or a royalty.

4. Kick back and enjoy the show.

Tea anyone? Popcorn?


Dikkii said...

There just had to be some smitin', didn't there?

Good work, Plonka.

Plonka said...

In more ways than one Dikkii, thanks...:)

tina said...

Hmmm...I commented but it must have not went through.
I agree with your analysis if you were god. :)
But oh...wasn't there so much more you could add to that! :)

Plonka said...

Oh yeah, you could get yourself a real good show...:)

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