Saturday, December 6, 2008

Dame Indeed

I just read yet another article about Dame Elizabeth Murdoch. I have but one thing to say...



Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

Where's you been?

Dikkii said...

I might just ask the same question.

Plonka said...

Workin'... I tend to have to write a lot there these days, so I tend to be a bit "written out" by the end of it. It's a big university and there's a lot to do but it's extremely satisfying work...

phoenix said...

Hey stranger. Welcome back.

We watched an interview on the ABC about Dame Murdoch a while back. I was impressed by the amount of humility and grace she still has, despite leading a very privelleged life herself. It's all too hard to forget that some people struggle when you are immersed in your own affluence, but this very special woman so obviously has a heart of gold.

phoenix said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mikki said...

Fair dinkum... I go away for a week only to come back and read old posts again. Great timing Plonka...

Ok, how much did the Dame pay you for this post?

I'm a bit disappointed with your post though, if this is your definition of a strong and amazing woman then you need to reassess what you consider to be one.

She says in the article "Giving money is very easy. You've got to be involved,". Now what a crock of shit, being involved doesn’t find a cure for illnesses but money does help for research. Typical rich tight arse that blows hot air up people’s arses just to look good in public.


Do you have ESP? How did you know I was a great woman? Thanks for the compliment Plonka… Hehehe.

I thought after 2 months you were working on a master piece… Fair dinkum!!!

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