Saturday, November 20, 2010


I'm gonna have to, aren't I...sigh... It's been two years or more, almost, I think...

Well here goes...


I used to rattle on a bit about god. Well what did you expect? He was a soft target. He probably still is, but I'm over it. I find the whole notion to be offensive, if I'm honest, and I'd rather just not talk about it, ok?


Dikkii said...

Never mind, Plonka. I'm sure that there's other stuff that you can blog about. Whilst I'm not yet over blogging about religion, I do get annoyed about other stuff. Opposition to gay marriage is one. The dearth of flights from Hobart to Melbourne is another.

Funnily enough, I appear to have embraced Twitter a little bit, although I do aim to increase production at my blog before too long. I am somewhat annoyed with myself for letting myself go.

Plonka said...

God damnit! Don't get me started on gay marriage!!!!

Yeah well, you've got a long way to go till you catch up with my slackness...

Anonymous said...

C'mon - fuel for the fire...

Brad and Tina said...

Hey Plonka. Say hello sometime. We have good and bad news for you my friend.

-blessed holy socks, the non-perishable-zealot said...

Grrr. Git some followers.

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