Sunday, March 16, 2008

Dogs and Decisions

The reason for this post is because I've been wanting a new dog or two for a while now and we think we've found "the one", so I'm all exited.

Our old pooch (Harley), was a pure bred Boxer with a serious pedigree who we all loved dearly. She was put down at the ripe old age of 15, due to the fact that she was deaf, blind, riddled with tumours and was no longer enjoying her life. The Melbourne University School Of Veterinary Science is just up the road, so that's where we took her and consequently she, like I hope to be, was lucky enough to be able to donate her body for science.

Anyway, it's taken us a year or two, but we've come to the realisation that we need a new puppy dog. We want two really, another Boxer because they're the best, and a "something else" that no-one's really sure about. It seems to have fallen to me to decide so I've been considering a number of options.

I got to thinking that one pedigreed dog was enough and that the other should really be one from a shelter that needed a chance. So I asked the family what they thought about rescuing a pooch from death row at the Lost Dogs Home instead. This was greeted with exuberance to say the least.

15736 So tonight we went to the web site to see what we have to do to adopt a pooch and we found our pooch. Say hello to Bodie. He's a 2 year old Husky cross, duh, which is unspecified but looks a bit Shepherd to me. He's awful skinny and peeky lookin' and looks like he's done it hard, so our hearts went out to him as soon as we saw him.

When I came and sat down just now there was a note on my desk with his name, animal ID number and Shelter tag no. and the phone number, so I hope the shelter is open tomorrow because it looks like I'm going to get him whether I like it or not...:)

The problem is the disclaimer. The web site makes it clear that someone may have taken him already, or his time may be up at dawn, who knows, but if he is still there I'm going to ask them to hold onto him until I can get there with the kids and ask him if he wants to come home with us. Just look at him, so proud but begging to be loved (not to mention fed), but that's the problem with the lost dog's home, you want to take them all because you know what will happen if no-one wants them...


Donna said...

Just be sure to take him to a vet to be checked for worms- that may be why he's so thin. You may need to give him an Rx monthly to prevent parasitic "infections"- parvo, etc.

OK, NOW you are on my #1, All Time
Great Guys/Dads List. There are SO
many pets that NEED a good home, they make very loving pets, they are SO glad to FINALLY have a "forever home". You cannot help
EVERY one. But you can help ONE more. (All of our pets were "throw
aways/dumped. Every day is spent
cleaning, disinfecting, etc. a little ea. day. 3 cats & "Bruno" are enough for now. But they KNOW
they are loved, they all get yrly shots, etc. And it's clean- I'm a
"disinfectant"/clean freak due to
"several" pets.

Plonka said...


When you get a pooch from the lost dog's home here, they've been desexed, wormed, given their shots and registered. Of course that all costs, but it's worth it.

Donna said...

I repeat: You are now on the Best
Guy/Dad List!!

Of course it's worth it!! You've saved A LIFE!!!!! That's usually
the way it is here, in the States-
if you adopt any homeless pet from
a shelter, they are neutered/spayed, have current shots, etc. Probably about $100-150. charge(?) in Tulsa area. Since all of our pets were "dumped", we've done those things ourselves anyway.

You couldn't have done a more generous, loving thing, to show your kids about being RESPONSIBLE.


Plonka said...

Yeah, they do a pretty good job down there, the best they can I guess.

But we haven't saved one yet. I just rang and Bodie has already been sold...:( Oh well, at least he's got a home now, but we'll have to decide all over again.

There's more there though, so I'll get the kids together later today and we'll have another look. One way or another though, we'll rescue a pooch...:)

Donna said...

Oh, POOT!!! Go look @ B.I.O.!! I've already made him "ours". OK, when the adoption is formalized, post a pic so I can steal it & put it on B.I.O. for us!!!

Gryphonn said...

Hey Plonka! Have a look at Barney:

Oh, and g'day bloke

Gryphonn said...

Oops. Link went funny:

Plonka said...

Woo-Hoo!!! You made it Gryph. I bet Tina's happy...:)

Yeah, we looked at Barney but we've had to change some plans. I'm off for an interview today (need a pay rise to combat these damnable interest rates!), so I'll let you all know what's going on when I get back...

tina FCD said...

Yes, you are on my list as a great guy too!

I take it the other Tina is related to Gryph? :)

phoenix said...

It's a far better thing you do... when you can save a life.

We make no secret of the fact that we prefer to take in cross-breeds because generally speaking they are less likely to find a good home than a breed. They also tend to have less genetic abnormalities, greater intelligence (in most cases), etc. I have to agree that boxers are one of the best breeds (along with dobermans, ridgebacks and staffies, in my opinion), but the best dog is any one that has been mis-treated at some stage and then rescued. Dogs are not stupid animals... they understand that you've taken them from that bad situation, and they remember to thank you every day.

And yes, I've started smiling again. :o)

And Tina, Gryph is my life partner, for want of a better word. He is incredibly sexy, intelligent, kind, caring, understanding... but he is so much more than that. He is my best friend in the whole world. We think the same way, enjoy the same activities and love spending as much time together as humanly possible. AND ... he even does HOUSEWORK!!!

I take it that we're a bit of a strange couple. As my sister told one of her friends... "They actually like each other!"

tina FCD said...

Wow! I'm really happy for you Phoenix. He sounds awesome. It's great to find a partner so compatible.My son and his wife are like that. :)

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