Monday, March 17, 2008


People often ask me why I have a problem with religion. I guess the main reason is that the overtly religious are perfectly happy to ruin lives in a futile pursuit of god.

From The Age - 17/03/2008...

A SECRETIVE ministry with direct links to Gloria Jean's Coffees and the Hillsong Church has been deceiving troubled young women into signing over months of their lives to a program that offers scant medical or psychiatric care, instead using Bible studies and exorcisms to treat mental illness........

Naomi Johnson, Rhiannon Canham-Wright and Megan Smith (Megan asked to use an assumed name) went into Mercy Ministries independent young women, and came out broken and suicidal, believing, as Mercy staff had told them repeatedly, that they were possessed by demons and that Satan controlled them.

Only careful psychological and psychiatric care over several years brought them back from the edge....


Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

Un-fucking believable plonka. Did you read the associated story about the exorcisms etc.

We should organise a blog against mercy ministries?

Plonka said...


Yes I did. Disgusting! I was paricularaly disturbed about the signing over of Centrelink benifits for the duration of the "course".

Where and when? I'm there!!

Donna said...

Speaking from MY personal opinion,
for ME, the thing that is a "red flag" about "secretive ministries"
is that they could be nothing more
than "cults", fronted as "medical
care/mental health care", etc.

2nd thing that concerns me. Within the mental health arena, there is such a thing as "religious
scruplosity" (I could've misspelled that, didn't take the time to check). I THINK it's somewhat like "hypergraphia", where one is compelled to do the
religiously "correct" thing or, even perhaps, "compelled" to foist
THEIR sense of "right" on "us".
In MY mind, a "fruitcake" of a different color. Than you know whom.

Now why was this done to these victims? For the cults to get medical benefits from victims (money!!) &/or to get new "converts"?? Oh, there's a Devil in THOSE details, all right...

Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

I hope these girls launch a class action. Someone should face criminal charges.

Donna said...

They may not even be aware (or too
afraid to be put thru the trauma of
same) that they could bring a suit-

Plonka said...

I get the impression that it's been a couple of years, that the girls are getting proper psychiatric care and will now, as Sean said, take the buggers to the cleaners.

Hillsong, The AOG, Southern Christian Centres, they're all cults to me...

Dikkii said...

Unbelieveable. And to think that I thought highly of their white chocolate caramel mocha lattes at one stage.

I hope that they get sued back to the stoneage.

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