Monday, March 31, 2008

Mercy Me...

xmercy_thumb[3]_thumb[1] Sean the blogonaut F.C.D. Does anymore really need to be said? Personally, I don't think so, but for those of you that aren't aware of the fantastic and altogether unselfish and charitable work that Sean has been dedicating his blog to, then I urge you to read on!

I published a very short article a little while ago and the subject matter got Sean's goat and goaded him into action. I have to say, the man is not only a humanist and a gentleman of the highest order, he's also a veritable research machine.

The article concerned those blackguards at Mercy Ministries who insist on treating dangerous and even life threatening medical and psychological conditions using various religious techniques, which of course only ever works for the religiously affected, not the medically affected.

It's quite obvious however, that some of these girls have been suffering serious medical and/or psychological conditions that god either cannot or simply refuses to repair. These girls need proper care, not derision for making "bad choices" or exorcisms to cast out demons, they need love, understanding and care.

Just three simple things. They are not easy things however, nor are they biblical things. In most cases they are not choices, but biological and psychological issues that require professional and/or well trained help and care. Sometimes god's biology just doesn't work the way it should. Why that should be if we were created by a perfect god, not to mention "in his image" is quite beyond me, but apparently he works in mysterious and contentious ways, not to mention being nasty and altogether vindictive, at times.

So I urge each and every one of you that may peruse this article to get over to Sean's right this minute and support him in his effort. I know he'll appreciate it, but the girls will appreciate it too I think, and it's they that really need some support. Mercy Ministries, after only making things worse for them in the first place, only continues to make things worse by refusing to even apologise, let alone heaping more derision on them in the media. It's shameful, hurtful and vindictive behaviour, not to mention completely UNchristian. So while you are at Sean's, please drop the girls a comment and show your support.


i was at mercy said...

Thank you

Plonka said...

I was at mercy:

You are more than welcome.

tina FCD said...

Will do.

tina FCD said...

The organization sounds like a cult to me.

Plonka said...

Thanks Tina. It definitely has some elements of cult behaviour.

I was at mercy:

If there's anything else I can do, you only need to ask (

Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

If you think what you have heard so far is sickening then, I have information that I can't release that just has me scratching my head and asking - is this 21st Century Austalia, is this a liberal democracy?

And sorry but where are the hordes of Australian Christians demanding an investigation to clear christ's name.

"Oh no Mercy is a christian organisaton which by default means that we should support them - paedofile priests ring a bell, abuse in the Anglican church ring a bell?"

Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

Thanks by the way?

Donna said...

Excuse me, but when you are in "therapy"/"counseling" and "they" keep making YOU feel like YOUR opinions about YOU are
wrong/unentitled/"stupid"/uneducated, and they keep INSISTING that the ONLY solution is THEIR way, which in this case appears to be
religion, THAT IS CONTROL. A "counselor"/"therapist" should be
objective. If they happen to be
Christian, Buddhist or whatever, fine. As long as THAT is NOT what
you're touting/pushing off on the pt. "That" belongs O-U-T of the office. Period.

Hmm...saw "Gloria Jean's" coffee on sale the other day. NOT buying

Dikkii said...

Definitely a freaky cult.

My alarm bells go off as soon as I hear about the weird-arse stuff like exorcisms and no medical staff.

I'm going to have to check Sean's blog out. Fortunately Wikipedia appears to think that all their corporate sponsorship (except for Gloria Jeans, natch) appears to have dried up.

Donna said...

It SHOULD send off alarm bells when
people try to go "mixing" medicine/psychology/psychiatry and
religion. Be "what" you are, have
faith, if you choose to. But keep it to yourself- don't go foisting it off on pts UNLESS the pt. ASKS!!

Ted- LOVE the Sylvia Browne "claw
thing!! Many times I've wanted to shout thru the tv "Lord, lady, CLIP those danged bird talons!!!"

Plonka said...


Hopefully we'll get over this "it involves christians, so it must be ok" attitude and someone will sue the pants off them, and win. Then hopefully Mercy Ministries itself will dry up...:)


Sylvia Browne needs to have more than her nails clipped.

Plonka said...


I have to admit, I'm a bit surprised myself that there's no "moderate" christian groups jumping up and down, but as you say, they're "christians" so they can't possibly be doing anything bad.

But it seems that people are only people after all, despite their religion or anything that Jesus may have said. The sooner we ALL wake up to that, the better I think and we should start by taxing their earnings.

And you're welcome, you deserve it.

Dikkii said...

I added my contribution at my other blog.


Plonka said...

Onya Dikkii...:)

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