Friday, February 29, 2008


I don't know, why are games so damned addictive? I mean it's just a silly game. I'm not likely to achieve anything by playing it all day, except to be able to say that I'm good at it, and what possible good will that really do me in the long run?

Trouble is that I finally got a machine that's good enough to do X3 Reunion justice and I've owned every game in this series, so I've been playing. I'm going to continue to play too...:)

So why didn't I do a real post? Well, I've taken a break from playing silly games so I can go and watch one being played instead. I'm off to the cricket today to watch Australia whop Sri Lanka.

I'll be catching up on the weekend, so I hope there's lots of goodies for me to read.


Sean Wright said...

Me, I have been killing Templars in Assassins Creed

Plonka said...

Ah yes. The release we've all been waiting for. That's next Sean, now that I have a box that can handle it at full everything...:)

Donna said...

Both you guys play video games?????

My son has PS2, Elite XBox, Wii,
etc., ad nauseum. I don't get the
attraction, myself. Very few "M"
rated games allowed- must have
parental approval BEFORE he purchases those.

On the other hand, I'm sure he doesn't "get" why I like papercrafting on pre-Raphaelite art, etc., ad nauseum.

Sean Wright said...


Assasin's creed is art in motion. I still get an adrenalin rush when I jump off the tower into a bale of hay as the main character, that is how good the graphics are.

Essential though most computer games are problem solving hidden behind a fancy facade. I just like sorting through problems and getting things right. Oh and winning is always good. Assasin's creed has a good storyline too.

phoenix said...

Yeah right.

Isn't it funny how the boys can always seem to justify disappearing into an alternate reality for hours on end. They can usually make it sound like the game is similar to some piece of art, but we all know the truth... they're just using the game to hide from us while they're sitting in the same room.

Cone of silence, anyone?

Donna said...

Yeah, THAT'S what I wonder about-
my husb. doesn't play the video games, but I rely on him somewhat to say what game is "in" or "out"
when the 15 yr old is considering
a new purchase.

But I do wonder if the teenager likes 'em partly because he can
"drown out" stupid ol' "Mom"....

Oh, well, kinda like I drown out
sports baloney when I feel like paper/"art" crafting...

Dikkii said...

I'm actually banned from computer games, myself. Ms Dikkii identified it - I have a problem. I get very anti-social when I'm playing a game, until I've finished it.

phoenix said...

And then you try sucking up to her in the hope that she'll forget again until next time. And THEN you can't understand why she doesn't feel so social herself. But think about this... How would you feel if she refused to answer you unless you said her name 3 or 4 times? Or if she couldn't be bothered to look at you when you do talk to her? It can be quite demeaning knowing that you're losing out to a few pixels on a screen and some clever special effects. Sometimes one should stop geeking around with games for a while and think about spending some time with real people... especially if one thinks that they're really special people... No?

Donna said...

Ted- go over to Sean's blog & watch
the video he just put up. Seems like "we" have 38 million "fruitcakes", "here" to combat!!

Plonka said...

Whoa...! I turn my back for 5 minutes (well...about 5 days actually) and look what happens. There's a veritable comment fest...:)


Sounds a bit like my place. But I prefer the PC for my gaming.

go over to Sean's blog & watch the video

I intend to. I saw it at work last night, but didn't get the chance to watch all of it...


I have to admit, the first time I saw my boy do that on the xbox version, I suffered a bit of vertigo.

It really is a stunning game that one.


I'm not sure I could cope with that. If I don't play seriously 3D/graphics oriented games, I could never have justified the machine I just built? I couldn't and that would be sad...


Now, now Tina, girls can be just as bad you know. My wife's a shocker when she finds something she likes. She doesn't rest until she's beaten it and is much worse than me.

Donna said...

Well, YOU said you hoped there'd be
lots of goodies for your perusal,
so we were just trying to "make it so!"

Sean Wright said...

Sorry guys, didn't hear a word you said...was playing Assassin's creed

tina FCD said...

What happened to my comments? :(

Plonka said...


I don't know...:(

But now that there are 2 Tina's here, Pheonix will have to be "Pheonix" from now on...

phoenix said...

Phoenix it is. That's all good with me.

But you know that I'm just having a stir, Ted. However... my point is that it doesn't feel nice to know that you're less interesting than an appliance, no matter how clever it is.

And besides... women know how to multi-task. They generally don't need to completely tune out, even to play computer games. ;oP

Plonka said...


women know how to multi-task

Come on, you know how I feel about unsubstantiated claims...;)

Donna said...

I saw/heard on the news on t.v. here, that "multi-tasking" is, in
effect, wasteful because it doesn't
allow you to focus on any one "task" @ the time. But then again, I have to remember I am not
the best judge of anything, there are days when I do well if I can
remember my name all day long!!

Plonka said...

Ah yes, but my computer does it with unerring ease...:)

tina FCD said...

Hi, I have an award for you at my blog. :)

Plonka said...

Whoa...! I'd best go have a look then...:)

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