Thursday, February 21, 2008


Damn, just when I'm working more shifts than I can reasonably be asked to work, as well as recovering from painful "day procedures", Dikkii over at Dikkii's Diatribe goes and tags me. Not to worry, I dig these things...:)

It's an oldie but a goodie, as they say and I have a sneaking suspicion that Dikkii is suspecting something interesting, so I'll try not to disappoint him.

To the rulze:

1. Grab the nearest book (that is at least 123 pages long).
2. Open to p. 123.
3. Go down to the 5th sentence.
4. Type in the following 3 sentences.
5. Tag five people.

Ok, well there are three open on my desk at various stages. They are all by Richard Dawkins and they are: "The Ancestors Tale", "The Blind Watchmaker" & "Climbing Mount Improbable" with the last two being in the easiest reach. So, to the watchmaker I think:

Cows and peas differ from each other in only two characters out of these 306 (the histone H4 gene is 306 characters long). We don't know exactly how long ago the common ancestor the common ancestor of cows and peas lived, but fossil evidence suggests that it was somewhere between 1,000 and 2,000 million years ago. Call it 1.5 billion years ago.

So there you go...

Now, 5 people? Damn! I've been so slack lately I doubt I'll get a response to this, let alone a response to a tag, but here goes.

Donna, Sean The Blogonaught and anyone else that wants to have a go...


Donna said...

OK, just cause you're such a nice guy and you take the time to reply every time I need an answer about life, AND you, like PD & Sean don't shove YOUR beliefs down MY throat, I'll "play". Let me go get
the current book I'm reading. Be right back. OK:

"Suddenly, like a striking snake, she reached out and grabbed my hand in a fierce grip. At once she twisted it behind my back and held me so tha I could move neither forward nor backward but only cry out in pain: "Anne! Don't!
You're really hurting!"

OK, I can't help it. I love history, this is from the book "The Other Boleyn Girl" which is coming to the movies, here.

Um, I would tag Sean & PD, but PD is on vacation. I don't know any one else whom to "tag". All my "thinking" friends are you guys!! (I'm not sure "Okies" (Oklahomans are deep thinkers.)

Plonka said...


I have to admit I was being sneaky. I was hoping it'd give you a reason to your blogger profile to start your own blog...:)

Nicly done Donna...:)

Anonymous said...

I tagged myself.

Plonka said...

Oz: Way cool...:)

Donna said...

Oh, Gawd!!!! Ted, THAT was sneaky!! I have thought about blogging, but that sorta implies one has thoughts that the world @ large would be "interested" in. I have "thoughts" (@ least I think so), but I doubt the world would find 'em worth cruising to several times a wk. PD & I are "into" this thing where we are trying to
journal (paper notebook & pencil!)
about a topic one of us picks every
wk or so. The idea is, that when we meet up early this summer, we'll compare notes on what we ea. wrote about such and such. Also
working on some "personal" art, "personal" trauma I'm trying to move on from. I may "talk" to you one day about turning it into a blog, I'm just not "there" yet.

I've always wanted what I'd call a
"salon"- ya know, where a group of
friends gets together once a month or so to discuss philosophy, etc., in a REAL location. Not gonna happen in Okla. People around here
are more concerned with which cowboy hat they're wearing when they go to drive thru the main intersection in town. (I say this all in good fun. There are worse places!)Living HERE must be somewhat like living in the Oz desert- only 2 big cities in the whole state, and the rest of the U.S. generally doesn't know that
we're here, and doesn't care.

Oh, well. I just remind myself that Al Gourd invented the 'net, so
that is my "salon"...

Was all that somewhat verbose???

breakerslion said...

Sorry I have not stopped by in a while. I used to bounce over from "beep beep it's me". Now you get your own bookmark.

Speaking of books... page 123 of the nearest one is actually numbered 3-7.

"The Windows Server 2003 New Trust Wizard, which is used to establish trust relationships, simplifies the process by allowing administrators on each side of the trust relationship to create their side of the trust and then to confirm the successful completion of the trust. Alternatively, one administrator with sufficient authority in each domain can complete both sides of the trust relationship using the wizard only once. Unfortunately, the wizard adds two new terms regarding trusts, and it is important to keep the distinction between the terms in mind."

There. That was simple, wasn't it? These guys are obviously paid by the word, or perhaps by the pound, um, kilo. I need to get out more. Only now I have to worry about Uncle Bill coming after me for copyright infringement! I'll be in my bunker if anyone wants me.

Donna said...

OMG!! The "Okie" in the crowd isn't even going to TRY to figure
out that linguistic nightmare!!

(See, I told you "we" weren't deep

Plonka said...

Donna: Yes (hangs head in shame), it was sneaky... But I've seen you write whole posts in comments both here and at Sean's and I know you write more than well enough.

Breakerslion: Thanks for having a poke at it. No need to apologise, neither have I...:) It's a pity Beep's gone quiet, I used to enjoy a good arument over there.

I think I've read that one. A weighty tome indeed. But don't worry to much, you "quoted" so theoretically it's not plagiarism and he has no claim, but that doesn't stop him, does it...

Donna said...

Ted- I think that's my problem- I can "comment", I just can't think of a subject/topic to INVOKE comments in the first place!!

THAT'S IT, VOILA!! I'm just a "sheep"!! If someone else leads, I'll follow!!

No, truly, I'd like to write a book some day, but my problem is, I have NO imagination. And some of the stuff I'd "like" to talk about, I dont, unless it's to "trusted" friends. Um, like my
husb. would NOT be happy if the "world" showed up on our doorstep due to an "obtuse" remark
I'd said "in public". I wouldn't be pleased, either.

If I think of it this next week, I'll email you about some of the stuff I'm talking about, maybe you'll have some ideas. If I don't
get around to emailing you THEN, it
just means I got busy, for once.
This next wk is 1 dental appt., 1-2
Dr. appts and 2 vet appts., one of the cats has to get his teeth cleaned, blah, blah, blah. I am the head "animal wrangler" up here, so . . .

phoenix said...

Why does even the most seemingly simple and fun way to say 'howdy' to an old friend invariably turn out to be a lot more complex than it would at first seem to be?... Or does that just happen to me?

Here I am faced with one of those fun challenges, and I think “Ok, this’ll be fun… somewhat nostalgic, even. So off I go to find something to throw at you.

The closest book is 'How to do Everything With Windows XP Second Edition'... but… ermm… NO! I refuse. Too geeky... WAY too geeky.

Ummmmm... Oh cool, 'The Bonsai Workshop'. This should be good... show off my affilliation with our little plant friends. Page 123... oh bugger! It's just pictures and plant names. Line five, six and seven say
"Styrax Japonicus - Japanese snowbell tree.
Syringa Koreana - Korean lilac.
Taxodium distichum - Bald cypress".
Hmmm... does that even count? Me thinks not. Let's try another one...

'Reader's Digest Good Ideas for your Garden'. It's big and has lots of real words. It’s also the only other book I can find right now… acceptable enough.
"Visits to large garden centres and garden shows demonstrate the range of materials from which to make garden screens, pergolas, arbours and tunnels. Stone, concrete, wood, iron and even wire constructions are offered. Tie in your choice with existing features, what you expect its life span to be, what you expect to pay and, specifically, its job."

Yay. After all of that kerfuffel, my finger loomed over the send key to leave this comment… and then I managed to lose it all because of a stupid little blonde moment which we shall never mention again.


So, take two... I’ve re-typed and now I think we're on track. And then the bloody computer crashed…

How've you been Ted? Can you guess who??

Plonka said...

Well, your profile says "Female" and "Australia" and I only ever met one "Phoenix", although I seem to recall there was a Tiger as well...

So, how've you been Tina? I've been pretty good, if a little slack in the blog area...


phoenix said...

You're good, but I knew that already.

Keep an eye out, I'll start blogging again soon and I'll fill in some details. At the moment we have a house-sitting position that will see us on line for the next three months. Should almost be enough time to sort through everything we've missed.

Good to hear from (read) you again. Have fun at the cricket!

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